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Position: Lead Vocals / Publisher / Producer.

Genres: Roots, Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Jazz, Hip Hop, World, R&B, RaggaJungle.

Nationality: Dominican.

Language(s): English, Spanish, Creole.

Education: College/University (T.s.u)


IJAHDAN TAURUS is a Conscious Artist /Songwriter born in Dominica, May 2, 1983. The Indie artist has been involved in music from a very early age , since primary school days Recording tapes was a lifestyle. Influenced by many Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop artists/Activists and of course inspired by his own compositions and voice tone.

From the late 90`s to present Dan has recorded over 300 tracks. Many have been released as Promotional Singles, EP’s and Albums. 2009 to 2011 most of the works were self produced at a home studio in Dominica....Speakng of Projects like, "For a Cause", “DA 2 VENE” and “Defender of the 7”. 

As the vision to become a known artist grew, Sound quality and Mixing improved alot on following and most recent releases such as “Repatriation_2012", “Living in the 13_2013",”Full Time_2014","Mental Agriculture_2015"and the most recent ep "Talkin Rap Ep _2015" .Also alot of spanish lyrcs incorporated after Dan became fluent in spanish after completing universty studies in South America.

Most of these projects can be found for streaming and download on music networks like Soundcloud, Reverbnation ,Bandcamp, Myspace and Youtube. 

Presently, Ijahdan Taurus is still working and struggling to be heard by more producers and record labels. Adding different Collaborative Projects with Various Labels and Production units to his Discography . Labels such as Blackstar Music (Chile), Urban Karma (UK), No Borders SoundSystem (UK) and Zion Lab (Brazil). Also featured on multiple released Riddim Albums and V.A releases like “Rescatando la Raiz Vol 2.” Venezuela/ Hawaii, “Fire School Riddim” Argentina, “Jahma Riddim” Chile “Rootsman Riddim” Spain, “SABABA Riddim” France-Dominica, "BOYCOTT 1,2 and 3", "FREE LION Riddim" to mention a few. 

Look out for New Releases in 2016! -A new album and V.A albums like "Coconut Drop Riddim" and "Herbal Life Riddim" are well on their way.

Dan has also performed at multiple events in Dominica, Margarita and Venezuela, sharing stages with the popular Richie Spice, Jamelody, Shalom Vibration, Queen Ifrica, I Wayne, El Prieto, Nelly Stharre (RIP) , Trevy Felix (RIP)... and song featuring’s with local and international artists like Aima Moses, Iriemiah 1, Ras Khaleel, , Ezekiel Blackstar, , Ganjoman, Sennid, Pao Martinez, Ganjaman Lakay (Nou Vin Lakay), Ras Xtreme , Tikaf, Perfect Giddimani ... 

For Ijahdan Taurus and his production team Royal Habits & Productions it is always a pleasure to work and bring conscious music to the world whether it is used for entertainment or educational purposes . The Focus is on world betterment ,using his music and organic agriculture to find spiritual, physical health and wealth balance, hoping that it can be an example for his listeners and those to discover the works.

The most recent tunes featuring Jamaican Artists "PERFECT GIDDMANI" and "Ras Xtr3me" clears the mist over all doubts about IJAH's aim as an Artist. 


Listen to the I !!!!!!!






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